About this blog

In my original idea, The Streaming Surreality Show  would have been a cool TV series. In the age of way too many reality shows, it would be fun to have a surreality show, and instead of streaming data, each episode would be a "stream" - one single shot (or at least appearing to be)... It would also be a show without stars. For example, one episode could cover a street, popping in and out of places on that street, and all the parts would be played by unknown people, who might only appear once. Surreal things would happen, not necessarily right in front of the camera - maybe you'd be watching something a bit mundane, when something extremely surreal was taking place in the background and you might never spot it (until you watch it again)... Very much like a dream, in a way!

However, since that TV show is only ever taking place in my head, I decided to use the title for this blog as it kind of suits the general idea. This is definitely not a blog version of the original idea, but I'm not explaining the random things I dump here - they are what they are...

This is not a blog about me, my personal blog is here.

- Stello -